Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vegas kicked my ass

I'm back. I'm a little humbler, a lot poorer, my liver is a little more damaged, I think I lost some brain cells.... but I had a wonderful time!
Vegas was hot, tacky, expensive, devoid of fruits or vegetables, loud, full of Americans ... but I had a wonderful time!
I wanted to wait to put up some photos before I posted about this, but it doesn't look like the photos will be happening any time soon, since my computer monitor at home has taken a powder, and my computer at work is too slow to cope with the data transfer.
I have to admit that since I got back from the trip I've been really bummed. On of my co-workers chastised me for things that were un-done last week, it was pointless to tell her that I was on vacation last week and that there are some day to day jobs that you just can't do ahead of time. This is the same woman who took an hour out of her, very busy (of course), schedule to show me how to put paper in the photocopiers. Now I'm 27, I've worked in office jobs since I was 19, I think I know how to fill a photocopier. Not only did she show me how to do it, she showed me how to fill each one in the office, four examples of how to fill a photocopier! Now, it gets to a point where you aren't just compensating for the possibility that the person doesn't know how to do something, but insulting their intelligence. I didn't have to be shown how to sequence DNA four times in biology class in university before I figured it out, I don't think I need to be shown how to fill a photocopier 4 times. Today she wants to show me how to order office supplies from a supplier that most offices use which has a very user-friendly website. All I want from her is to tell me the password and tell me where to put the invoices. If she starts with how to turn on the computer, I'm going to lose it. I normally try to keep in mind that they are paying me whether they are wasting my time or not, but sometimes you just can't be zen about this kind of stuff.


Trib said...

Sounds like a good vacation! When you cut your coworker's throat remember to get the jugular and hold her upright for a little while so she gets an air embolism.

Princess Pessimism said...

OHHH...i know how you feel. Post Vacation is always a kick in the ass. I had the three hour drive home, class all night, and then volunteer today. Ive been busier since I came back.

yrautca said...

Well this person is dealing with you at her IQ level as one would expect. Or she is very insecure about her role in that company. Or maybe in her past she found it difficult to perform small tasks and she thinks everybody is the that. Cant you tell her politely that you have understood how things need to be done and will ask for help if needed? If I pass the exam I will be one year closer to my own company. You know you have an open, irrevocable offer to run its HR.

Miss Ash said...

I think tomorrow you should go up and ask her once again how to fill the photocopier...tell her that you have forgotten :)

My post vacation sucks because this weather sucks and i can't seem to get any sleep so i'm exhausted.

yrautca said...

hey paul and heather mills split up. you gonna cry now?

paul said...

hee hee! http://www.iht.com/articles/2006/05/17/features/review.php