Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ten Things

1) We're leaving for Vegas tomorrow. But my house isn't going to be unoccupied, so don't bother trying to rob me.

2) I almost got knocked onto the subway tracks twice this week, same spot both times, but it was by two different guys on two different days. One was a big guy carrying a big instrument case who turned suddenly and almost clocked my with the case, the other one was a smaller guy who walked into me while walking and reading a magazine at the same time.

3) I got sent a really inappropriate email this week.

4) I have pigeons living on my balcony, and I hated them, and there was pigeon crap everywhere, then they started laying eggs, and now I don't hate them, and I want to set up a webcam like that guy in BC and the bald eagles.

5) PP is going to bitch so much about the size of the bag I'm bringing to Vegas, admittedly, it's quite large, and I did over-pack, but I'm not asking anyone else to carry it, and it's under the airline's weight limit, so shouldn't be anyone else's concern but mine.

6) I called the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund for work today - woo!

7) I bought those sockettes that old ladies wear with high heals instead of nylons (I try to avoid wearing my shoes barefoot after once having a case of athlete's foot that was so bad I nearly needed my toes amputated), and some of those heating patches for arthritis pain. I got a few other things too, I hope that the lady at the check out thought I was picking up a few things for my grandmother or something. I'm such an old lady (and for those of you who don't know - I'm still in my twenties). I'll be sure to let you know if the sockettes work though. Some of the things old ladies do are so practical - Ash can tell you how awesome those plastic old lady rain bonnets are, and I love my grocery cart.

8) I heard a bus driver swear audibly for the first time this week, he was swearing at another driver, which seems totally natural, but it's the first time I'd ever heard a transit worker do it.

9) My friend who lives in Japan started his own blog, I'm totally excited about it - www.welcome-to-tokyo-mr-bond.blogspot.com

10) I went to get my eyebrows done today, so they'd look nice in my vacation photos. I usually get them threaded at a place downtown, my skin is sensitive and the first and last time I tried to get my brows waxed the big red blotches didn't go away until after the wayward eyebrow hairs had already started to grow back. Anyway, today instead of trekking all the way to my usual place I decided to go to a place across from the office where I'm working at the moment. When I went in and asked if it was possible to get some threading with no appointment, the guy behind the counter raised his eyebrows gestured as if he thought I was getting a bikini wax or something. No wonder no one wants to go to a salon that employs non-gay men, what a weirdo and who cares what I'm getting threaded anyway.


yrautca said...

Sounds like you have it all covered for the trip. Maybe you are one of those people who plan a ton when going ANYWHERE. I dont understand why they would hire a non-gay guy at the salon. Dubious.

As for public cursing, at the library today a guy started cursing at two little boys for eating in the library. Somebody reported him to the police and he was escorted out. Serves him right.

Have fun on your trip!

Trib said...

Have fun!

Miss Ash said...

I always over pack as well, it's in my nature. As for the old lady bonnettes i love them :)

I also went out and bought sockettes for my shoes LOL

Phil said...

Can you forward me the inappropriate e-mail?

tokyo tintin said...
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tokyo tintin said...

so jenni, how was 'the tackiest place on earth'? i'm dying to know. i've already read about MA and PP's perspectives. what about yours?

in the mean time, everyone should visit equal-marriage.ca and tell your MP to not be a jerk! --well, jenni, your MP is fruity bill graham, so you don't have to worry too much -- but everyone else should visit.