Friday, May 19, 2006

Bless me father for I have sinned....

This is a series of posts about my trip to Vegas. Some things happened in Vegas, that will, obviously, stay in Vegas. But I thought I might just give you a brief outline, because, you see, I realized on the bus this morning, that I actually managed to commit all of the 7 deadly sins in the course of one 4 day vacation. Not to gloat, (well why not, I'm on a roll after all) but I'm thinking that this was quite the dubious achievement.
I know this is rather a lot of posting for one day, but you kids better make it last. You see, in the great white north we are "celebrating" the birth of ugly old queen vic. That means that we buy a 24 (case of 24 beers) for May 24. You get the picture here, it's the long weekend where everyone goes up to the cottage for the first time of the year, or they plant their garden, barbeque, and, of course, they drink a lot of beer.

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