Friday, May 19, 2006


This one's pretty obvious, we were in Vegas, I gambled, I learned my lesson, I'll never get that 2 dollars back. This may seem like a small amount, but you must remember, we're talking about the, once mighty, American dollar here.
Like the tallboys on the slot machine, those were ours, we were walking down the street drinking them, then we thought, hey, let's go into a casino, so we walked in carrying our booze, no problem! Loved that, loved it! Of course I only drank American beer while we were there too.
My grandmother is turning in her grave right now at even the thought of gambling, never mind the boozing. She was sketched out by card playing even if there was no money involved. I'm dragging this family down.


Wally, the Gay One said...

I am your dead grandmother. I am vry dissapointed in you. Jump of a cliff, and join me in hell. I hope you turned lesbian like asked you to (even though you probably forgot i asked you, you were only a little girl)
Ps. Leave abuse for me on my blog!

Jennifer said...

Wally, not to worry, there is pllllenty of abuse to go around.

Miss Ash said...

I also enjoyed drinking in the street :)

yrautca said...

Looks like you are drinking two different brands of beer at the same time. I see a bud light and I see a Genuine draft. American beer is piss unless its Northwestern.