Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm down with animal rights, but this is too much...

'Stolen' body awaits identification
Human remains found in woodland by detectives investigating the theft of a pensioner's body from a graveyard have been removed for forensic examination.
Police said they are hopeful the body found buried on Cannock Chase in Staffordshire is that of 82-year-old Gladys Hammond.
The remains - discovered on Tuesday after officers received new information about the grave robbery - are being taken to a mortuary in Stafford.
They were removed from the site near a German War Cemetery after being placed in a wooden box by undertakers and carried to a private ambulance.
Forensic experts had spent more than ten hours excavating the site where the remains were found.
The body of Mrs Hammond - whose son-in-law co-owns a former guinea pig breeding farm - were stolen under cover of darkness in October 2004 from the grounds of St Peter's Church in Yoxall, Staffs.
Speaking close to the scene of the discovery, Detective Chief Inspector Nick Baker confirmed that police were led to the isolated spot - which is 13 miles away from Yoxall - by "new information".
Standing just yards away from where forensic teams were examining the remains inside a blue tent, Mr Baker said: "Searches began late yesterday afternoon and we have discovered what we believe to be a human body. It is too early to say at this stage if the remains belong to Mrs Gladys Hammond. They will undergo DNA and other tests to try to establish identity. This could take several days.
"Although I know questions still need to be answered, I am hopeful that this may prove to be the development that we and Gladys Hammond's family have been waiting for. Our thoughts are with them at this difficult time as they await further news."
The body of Mrs Hammond - who died in 1997 - was stolen by animal rights activists involved in a long-running hate campaign against David Hall and Partners, the owners of Darley Oaks Farm in nearby Newchurch.


yrautca said...

Its funny how they never mention animals right stuff until the very end. Poor journalism if you ask me. I almost gave up on the article.

Jennifer said...

You're right Yrautca.
By the way, I dreamed last night that someone explained to me the significance of your name, and it all made sense. Strange, eh...
And, I would like to point out that there was nothing dirty about the dream in any way shape or form.

yrautca said...

So what is the significance? and did someone really break the code for you in a dream?

I dream of you too. A lot!

Jennifer said...

I can't remember what the significance was. I can't remember who was the one who told me either.

And yuk, a lot!

yrautca said...

I am a bit surprised you didn’t figure out what it means. I mean you are one of the smartest people ever I met on blogs.

I was tempted to tell you but I think I will give you one more chance. Think Da Vinci. The name is a code albeit a very simple one.

Think about how I think of nothing else but work. if you cant figure it out I will tell you.

A lot is not that much.

Jennifer said...

Ok, I get it now.
Don't know why it never occured to me before. Well, probably because I wasn't that curious about it.
Thanks for telling me though.

Jennifer said...

I think I just assumed it was some kind of ethnic thing. ;-)

yrautca said...

coolness. you figured it out in record time too. anyway i feel such a loser for picking the name. wish i had a life ;)

it is actuarially ethnic, yes.

Jennifer said...

my dad was one for halloween one year, he got a bad toupee and a pocket protector, pants hemmed too short, tape on his glasses.
it was pretty funny.

yrautca said...

I have been told I am one of the cooler actuaries. Actually I get it quite a bit. People are amused at my sense of humor. People have misconceptions about us actuarial folk. A lot of the nerd stories are true. But I know some really cool actuaries too. My colleague actuary used to play in a band and made a living doing that before starting actuarial work. my boss chew tobacco and is a redneck. I make paper airplanes and intrigued by S&M;) We are a cool bunch.

Miss Ash said...

Yrautca...i dont' even know how to pronounce that LOL.

As for the stolen body...interesting!!

tokyo tintin said...

just an FYI jenni (et al), but i've decided to join to the 21st century and write a blog of my own. please all visit it an annoying high number of times and shower me with love and validation!

here it is

Trib said...

Wow, as bat-shit insane as our Peta folks are, I think the brits have it worse.

Miss Ash said...

Yeah Dan, i will be an avid reader !!