Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I pity the fool!

Tough love: Mr. T gets TV advice show
Last Updated Wed, 03 May 2006 11:52:37 EDT
CBC Arts
This fall, the TV talk format is in for some tough love in the form of a new advice show starring 1980s icon Mr. T.

Mr. T, seen here in New York in 2002, will host a new advice series called 'I Pity the Fool' on the TV Land network this fall. (Ron Frehm/AP)
The TV Land network announced Tuesday that the former star of The A-Team will host a new series where he travels across the U.S. to dispense advice and inspiration to Americans battling personal or professional problems.

"I'm going to talk it up. It's what I've been doing all my life," the 53-year-old actor, whose real name is Laurence Tureaud, told the Associated Press.

The series, which begins in October, is entitled I Pity the Fool, a catch-phrase for which the Chicago-born personality has become known.

"My show ain't no Dr. Phil, with people sitting around crying," he added.

"You're a fool – that's what's wrong with you. You're a fool if you don't take my advice."

Mr. T is best known for his starring role in the 1980s TV series The A-Team, about a group of Vietnam veterans turned heros-for-hire. But he's also a former boxer, bouncer, bodyguard and performer with the World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment).

Mr. T followed The A-Team with the short-lived detective series T. & T. Since then, he has mostly popped up in TV commercials and cameo appearances, ranging from the 2001 film Not Another Teen Movie to the teen TV series Sabrina. He has also appeared several times on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and The Howard Stern Show.


Princess Pessimism said...

Oh GOOD LORD. Are they REALLY this desperate for tv ideas???

Jennifer said...

I'll be watching!
It will be like all those other tough-love advice shows, except it won't suck.

First name - Mr!
Middle name - period!
Last name - T!

yrautca said...

I pity the fool who watches this show to seek advice. I agree that watching it the first time will have an entertainment aspect to it, even comedic. Definitely comedic.

Everyone has a TV show these days. For the record I have never seen any of these friggin shows, nor do I watch any reality TV. I have never seen the real life series on MTV, or hulk hogan’s reality show or anna nichole’s show or Dr Phil. What bitches!

Jennifer said...

I didn't know Hulk Hogan had a reality show, but I doubt I would have watched it if I had known. Anna Nicole is annoying, Dr. Phil has bad politics.
I do however like Survivor, The Amazing Race and Dog the Bounty Hunter - I don't know why, I can help it, I'm especially embarrassed about the last one, but if you have to be hooked on something, bad TV is better than meth.

Princess Pessimism said...

OHHH Well isnt Yrautca such an upstanding role model....No tv.

Well, i'm with you jenni. I LOVE the amazing race, and was really upset about who got the boot last. Survivor this year, is sorta good, but i havent watched every episode...and then of course Sopranos. But that is only a recent development within the last 6 weeks

paul said...

I don't even have a tv right now. It was the right year for it (fellow leaf fans understand this). But I miss T&T.