Friday, October 13, 2006

Happy Friday the 13th!

I think the unluckiest thing that happened to me today was that that huge snowstorm that hit everything south of Toronto barely dropped a snowflake on us. It's still freakin' freezin' here, but no day off. I had a quiz this morning for crying out loud!
I had a tradition when I lived in residence at university that any day I had a test, I'd call the univeristy's hotline for snow cancellation information, 978-SNOW, just in case it was a snow day. When I started doing it, it was winter exams, and then, I'd still call even if there was no snow on the ground. But, I may have taken it too far the day I had a particularly brutal summer exam coming up and I called the snow hotline, hope springs eternal my friends.
Is anyone having worse luck than me today?

Friday 13th - not so unlucky?
A new survey suggests people are becoming less superstitious about 'unlucky' Friday the 13th.
The poll of 1,000 adults shows other superstitons are also less of a concern nowadays.
Fewer people now freak out when they break a mirror, walk under a ladder or a black cat walks across their path.
Three out of four questioned for a Surrey theme park said they had no intention of staying off work just because of the date.
Peter Ronchetti, Thorpe Park's general manager, said people were not as easily scared as they used to be.
He added: "October this year happens to be one of the freakiest months. Friday the 13th and Halloween fall within two weeks of each other."


Miss Ash said...

I embrace Friday the 13th. I'm not very superstitious however when i spill salt i do toss it over my shoulder.

Princess Pessimism said...

i love friday the 13th. Me and my old residence friend used to have a tradition. Every friday the 13th we would buy each other a horror flick, and then watch them, with all the lights off. I havent seen him in years....I miss that tradition.

The unluckiest thing that happened to me today?? I didnt get my math lesson plan magically done for me....sigh.

Scott said...

That is a great tradition. Keep it going.