Friday, November 10, 2006

Africa - Day 7

We had a really eventful day, I woke up with the runs, after having dreams all night that my belly was expanding. K took us over to see her tailor. Zac is amazing he's talented, cute, funny... Love that guy. After each of us told Zac what we wanted made, he took us to the market to pick fabrics. Telling him what we wanted made was almost like sitting on Santa's lap.
We did so much shopping that we decided to take a lunch break in the middle. Of course sitting in an open cafe in the market meant that we were sitting ducks for all the people walking around selling stuff. In some cases they were really aggressive and just stayed there, in other cases , I think, they stayed because they wanted to stare at us. The end result was a none too pleasant meal. Ash tried the bathroom, and that was super sketch. And I got some particular attention from one of the market's vendors who wanted more from me than my patronage at his shop. He saw us coming in to the market and tracked us down. He came and pulled up a chair and sat next to me. He just wouldn't let up. He stayed and stayed, then he left and came back with belly beads - a string of beads that go around you middle under your clothes. Considered very sexy, like giving someone lingerie. I had no idea whether it would get rid of the guy faster to take them or not take them, but in retrospect, I don't think I'd have gotten away from him quickly either way.
After lunch we split up and shopped separately in the market. When we met back up, it seems that my market lover had found Dan and Ashley while Katie and I made our getaway, but that he'd stayed with them, quietly singing to himself about me. Ugh...
So we got the hell out of there, and took one of K's friends with us to the 'Fetish Market' in Lome. My BF's dad and partner recommended this highly. In retrospect, I probably should have been more skepitcal of their recommendations, because, I love them, but they are a pair of sadistic bastards. Who would send you somewhere absolutely gruesome, just to see the look on your face. Afterwards I sent them a postcard, saying as much. The BF's dad once had a Christmas time competition with is kids to see who could find the most disgusting canned food.
I don't mean to get down on traditional religions, because, I feel that western medicine is not the only way to go, but I just wish they wouldn't use endangered species. Like, a powder made from dried elephant foot to cure elephantitis? Plllease!


Whisks made out of the tails of I'm not sure what.

A horse head, among other things.

More horns than you could shake a horn at.

An assortment of Crocodillians, including a Gavial.

Assorted Primate skulls.

Primate skulls. and bird skulls with a fetish statue.

And a partridge in a pear tree! Or it's fetish market equivalent ... a dried out vulture.

That night we went out with some of K's peeps. We had a lovely pizza and some very large beers. I, very innapropriately, took the belly beads from the market guy out of my purse and showed everyone.


Anonymous said...
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Miss Ash said...

Those photos make me shudder. What i find strange though when i show my photos, most people are horrified by the dead dogs the most.....come on people...elephant foot.