Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Pooh Diaries

Why does everyone tell me about their shit. I mean this literally. I'm not objecting really, I could talk about poop for hours. I just wonder what it is about me that sends that message out to people, my friends know because they hear me talking about it, but people I don't know very well bring it up out of the blue. In the last two days, I've had a number of people approach me to discuss poop. The first in this string of poop conversations was a co-worker.
For St. Patrick's day at my office we had some boxes of Lucky Charms cereal in the kitchen for the staff to eat. Well, the staff didn't eat that much on St. Patrick's day and a few of the staff ate most of the two large family sized boxes. One staff member in particular had a bowl of the stuff in her hand every time she walked past my desk for days. I made jokes about how much dye was in it and how it would start coming out through her skin if she didn't lighten up on the crap cereal and that kind of thing. And then yesterday, she came by my desk, debated about whether to tell me the story because it might be inappropriate and then started by saying. "You know when someone eats a lot of beets and what that does... after?" I said, yeah it turns your poop red, did the Lucky Charms turn your pooh a funny colour. "Green!" Am I so innapropriate that I'm a magnet for these stories? Don't get me wrong, that made my day, but then I wonder, what must people think of me. I've obviously seriously damaged my own reputation, just by being myself.
Another in the amusing string of stories was the friend who was eating mixed berries with me last night who IMed me this morning to tell me that he'd pooped an entire blueberry and that he saw it floating in the toilet when he turned to flush. Another one is a fellow blogger who posted ">this recently.
Anyway, I think I may have mentioned this before, but my little friend P has come up with an ingenious system for discussing pooping subtley - The Pooh Diaries. You start by saying the date the incident occurred on (like Sophia's stories on the Golden Girls), then you say what happened. So here's an example:
My co-worker approaches me...

Co-worker - You know how I've been eating all those Lucky Charms...
Me - Yeah
Co-worker - March 20th, 2007... It was green!


Innocent Observer said...

I have a friend who insists on telling me about her daughters poop EVERY SINGLE TIME she sees me. I tell her, "I do not want to hear anything about poop!", so her response is to just tell me "a little something". AUGH!

My kids learned from preschool friends long ago that sugar cereals turn poop green. They think that is the appeal of the cereal!

Miss Ash said...

Oh man Jennifer haha. I think the women at my agency are very open about everything. We talk about a lot of rather inappropriate, personal things. It's kinda wierd.