Sunday, November 04, 2007

First night out after surgery

As I've already mentioned, I've been staying with my mother since she had surgery 7 weeks ago. My mother's an early to bed early to rise type of person these days. And, that's altered my social life significantly. Saturday was my good friend Neil's birthday. Neil's birthday is always a pretty big event, not something that you could flake out on if you could avoid it. So, I arranged for my mom's friend to come by and serve breakfast and made plans with my lady posse, Miss A and Big D
and the lovely Claire who
was in town for a vacation.
It seemed like a lifetime since I'd been out past 9 pm, and resultantly I had some cash in my pocket, perhaps those two factors led to a certain amount of overindulgence...
We met the party at the Embassy and then headed over to Neutral.
So, I drank too much, I got in a humourous (I thought) arguement with our cab driver on the way down. We got to Neutral and suddenly I felt like I'd walked onto the set of one of my 5 least favourite films of all times, Slacker by Richard Linklater. It was totally excruciating to watch. The sensation kept coming back to me all night. While I was with my friends I was having fun, but as soon as I walked away from them to got to the bathroom or the bar, and had to interact with other people there, the sensation came back. I suppose I was too drunk, and had too big a crowd with me to figure out a plausible exit strategy. It was quite odd, because I normally enjoy myself at Neutral.
The most hilarious part was when a woman came up and struck up a conversation with me. I had no idea why she wanted to talk to me, I'm not even sure what her opening was. If it had been a guy, I would have had my armour on and said something witty and smooth and slightly cutting so he'd get the picture and leave me alone, but, when a woman approaches you, you don't immediately know what she's after. She might be planning to tell you that you have toilet paper on the sole of your shoe or that you've lost an earring. Anyway, this woman started talking to me, and I went along, thinking that I would just find out what she was after. Then, she asked me for my email address. So I gave her my junkmail address, of course, I've never been so drunk that I've given my actual email address to a stranger at a bar.
All week, I kept discovering new reasons not to drink so much. On Sunday, I woke up to find a huge ketchup stain on the front of my new white shirt. Later, I realized that I never said goodbye to Claire at the end of the evening. I told her how to get home and then went back to chatting with my other friends, never acknowledging that I'd enjoyed her company and that I'd probably not see her again.
On Monday, I realized that I'd broken the top button of my favourite jacket in half, not sure how or when or where.
On Tuesday, Ash emailed me pictures of parts of the evening I didn't even remember.
On Wednesday, I suddenly realized that the woman who had struck up the conversation with me at the bar was likely a lesbian and that she'd been hitting on me. Then, I had to admit to my bf that I'd unwittingly given my email address to a lesbian who was hitting on me. Also, with relief, tinged with dismay, I had to acknowledge the fact that the lesbian hadn't emailed me (perhaps I don't still have 'it'?).
Today, I realized that the random friend request that I'd gotten on facebook on Tuesday, and not thought too much about, was from the lesbian, and that I'd made a huge tactical error by giving out my junk email address because it's also the one that's linked to my Facebook account. Fuuuuuck!

OK, so now I need some advice. I'm not really interested in being friends with this woman. She seemed nice enough, but not my kind of person. Also, she's clearly interested in doing stuff that I'm not interested in doing at this hetero/monogamous period of my life. But I don't bear this woman any ill will. Do I ignore the friend request? Do I refuse it? What if I run into this woman again. Do I send her a message and tell her that I'm in an LTR with a dude? I suppose that's the grown-up thing to do? I dunno. Maybe I don't owe this woman anything.
It was pretty embarrassing/dubious telling my bf that I'd given my email address to a lesbian.... If I start an email convo with this woman, I'll have to admit that too.
Jesus Christ!
I'm not vowing to quit drinking... obviously it was going to be a crazy night, Neil's b-day always is.... but next time I'm not going to drink so much that I don't gracefully exit immediately I sense the presence of Richard Linklater.


core said...

nice work.

i dont think friendship on facebook is equated with real friendship.

i think its pretty safe to make facebook friends with the 80s courtney love and take it from there;)

Tokyo Tintin said...

You could be friends with her, then she'll take a look at your Facebook profile and get the idea pretty quickly. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Miss Ash said...

I'm with Core and TT, add her as a friend and if she does try to hit on you via facebook, tell her you have a dude and she's not the kind of lady you like anyway :P

sly said...

But see, then you have to deal with her, and I think you'd rather just have the whole thing go away, no? Ignore that friend request and put somebody else in charge the next time you're tits up. You're a cautionary tale.

yrautca said...

Just because she wants to talk to you or wants to add you as a friend doesnt mean she is gay. what happened to you? You used to be like a gay-activist and now you are acting all gay-paranoid. I guess you hit your head while spending time in that awful hobby of yours the roller thingy. I guess people aren’t as liberal in Canada after all. you sound like a Texan.

Jennifer said...

Not to blame anything on anyone, but if anyone could have helped it would have been Core. She's pretty hands-off though. Next time I'm T/U I'm putting her in charge.

Yrautca, I maybe didn't make this clear but her facebook profile says 'interested in: women' I don't know how much clearer that can be as a signal that she's a lesbian. If she was a guy I would never have given out my email address and wouldn't be in this situation. If it was a guy I would have rejected him when we were all drunk and no one cared.

Jessica said...

I had the same issue when you Facebooked me! I was all oh no, what should I do? But then I just accepted your friendship anyway, 'cause, like, whatever, right?

Okay, okay, I'm just kidding and that's a joke. But what I really want to say is don't ever entertain thoughts of not drinking. What are you? Crazy?