Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Private Hatred

I'm furious with someone. I really want to vent about it. But the problem is that it's not very mature to bitch about someone publicly when it will most likely get back to them.
This kind of brings me to wonder about blogging ethics, what to write, or avoid writing. Is a blog more like gossip on the bathroom wall, or writing an article for a newspaper or keeping a diary? Each kind of writing has different rules.
If the blog is my diary and I slam someone in it, and that person is mad, then is that their problem for reading my inner thoughts? Do you open my blog at your own peril? It can't be like the bathroom wall, because even if I don't have my name attached to this blog really, most of the people who read this know who I am. If it was a diary, then you wouldn't be reading this at all because it would be on a piece of paper in a book under my mattress, with one of those funny little locks on it.
I always admire the way that Linny can talk about her feelings and issues she's having with other people without revealing too much, it's deliciously cryptic. But when I do anything like that it doesn't seem nearly so interesting, perhaps it's just not possible to find oneself interesting?
Anyway, if you're reading this, and you're wondering if it's you that I'm mad at, it's probably not and I wouldn't really worry about it, I'm not planning on sending ninjas to any one's house or anything. I just kind of wish that I believed in an afterlife so that I could believe that the person I'm pissed at would get some kind of punishment for what they've done.


yrautca said...

World of blogs is tricky. I hope you aren’t mad at me for sticking it to you for your lesbian-paranoia.

Anyway, some people I know have two blogs and hey keep one private from everyone. They don’t use that blogger name to comment on other people’s blogs. That way they can say whatever they want on that private blog.

Miss Ash said...

I feel the same way (not that i'm angry with anyone) but that I can't fully express things sometimes because I never know who may be reading. Les Boo!!!

Tokyo Tintin said...

I too feel the same way.

I'd often like to write about my love life dilemmas, and get imput/advice from people (like my friends in japan) who might not be abrest of the situation otherwise. unfortunately, interested parties might be blog readers too - and that's certainly not the imput I need!

Maybe you could vent your problem on someone else's blog?

meredith said...

I like the livejournal option of locked posts. You approve who can see them, and can knock people off the list.