Thursday, October 09, 2008

I got the coolest new thing for my birthday - a spin dryer

My aunt had one of these things in England when I was young. She lived in a 200 year old farm house.

On days when she wanted to do hand washing, she would wash the clothes in the sink and then spin the moisture out of them with the spin dryer.

Then if it was too rainy or cold to hang the clothes outside she would hang them in the kitchen. She had an AGA stove in her kitchen and so it was always the warmest room in the house. She also had such high ceilings, that she had a rack for drying the clothes that was on a pulley. She would lower the rack down to hang the clothes then pull it back up to the warmest driest most out of the way spot near the ceiling. The whole set up was ingenious.

I think a lot about energy efficiency, I also live in a pretty humid basement and I really like to do laundry, but I don't like to use the dryer. So, when I found one of these babies on the internet, I knew I had to have it.

I asked my mom and my godfather to go dutch on it for my birthday and it arrived yesterday. I tried it last night and I'm sooo pleased. I wish all my clothes and sheets were dirty so I could wash them all.

Here's how I'm using it. I put the clothes in the washer (cold water of course). Then when the washer is done I take them out and put them in the spin dryer. It spins them waaaaay faster than the washer does and it a few minutes it's extracted a whole lot of extra water (and suds, which lets me know that the washer doesn't do a great job at rinsing, or I use too much soap). The clothes come out almost dry. Then I either put them on the line or put them in the dryer for a few minutes to finish them off.

The thing is brilliant. Hanging clothes in my basement is often really frustrating for me because anything like sweaters or jeans is musty before it's dried fully - but putting sweaters in the dryer often wrecks them too. I'm anticipating never having to deal with musty clothes again!

A really great gift.

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