Thursday, October 09, 2008

Listeria stupidity - why don't people have common sense?

For those of you not following the Canadian news. One of our major meat producers here had an outbreak of Listeria in one of their plants a while ago. 20 people died. Now this seems like something to get all up in arms about and you would imagine that I'd be flipping out because I'm such a nut about bacteria but I'm not.
Here's why:

- if we hadn't started tracking outbreaks so closely here, then we likely would have never linked these 20 deaths to each other

- if you cook your meat properly you won't get listeriosis from buying listeria tainted meat

-listeria is extremely common and exists everywhere including your pet and probably your kitchen

I think that people are flipping out about this for a couple of reasons:
-people aren't savvy consumers of sensational news stories

-people think that living in a first world country magically makes them immune to disease.

The plain fact is that you need to cook meat before you eat it, you just can't eat hot dogs straight from the package. If you want to take the chance and eat sandwich meat without cooking it yourself, then do it while you're young and healthy and not pregnant.

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